Advertising & PR

Advertising and PR
Opening the Door to Communication Careers

Do you see advertisements and think "I could do better"? Do you wonder why some organizations have so much visibility while others don't? Do you want to help promote products, services, and ideas?

As a member of the Advertising and PR: Opening the Door to Communication Careers Learning Community, you will explore careers in advertising and public relations. You will live in Sandoz Hall with other members of your community and the members of Media Smarts: Broadcasting, Journalism, and Sports Communication Learning Community.

You will connect with professors, upperclass students, and alumni working in advertising and public relations and visit local advertising and PR companies (pictured here).

Advertising and PR

Community Details

Open To

First-year students interested in advertising and/or public relations



ADPR 151: Intro to Advertising & Public Relations
ADPR 191: LC Seminar

JOMC 100: The First Year Experience

JOMC 131: Visual Communication

ENGL 170
: Beginning Creative Writing


JOMC 101: Principles of Mass Media

JOMC 161: Visual Design Fundamentals: Graphic Design and Web

ADPR 283: Strategy Development for Advertising and Public Relations

Meet the Faculty Sponsors

Prof. Phyllis Larsen