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Ag Futures: Entrepreneurship & Leadership
Entrepreneurship & Leadership

In Ag Futures: Entrepreneurship & Leadership, you will learn about combining innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship in order to develop approaches to problem solving, business creation, and community building—all skills that tomorrow’s agribusiness leaders will need to succeed!

As a member of Ag Futures, you will live in Burr Hall on UNL's East Campus and participate in focused field trips in/near Lincoln to engage with agribusiness leaders and entrepreneurs in for-profit and non-profit settings. For example, in March 2014, this group traveled to Kansas City to meet with industry leaders at three sites: American Angus Industries, FarmTek, and Cabela's (pictured here). 

Ag Futures Trip 2014

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First-year students interested in agricultural business and/or agricultural leadership



EAEP 101: Intro to Entrepreneurship

AGRI 103: Intro to Agricultural Resources & Natural Resource Systems 


ALEC 202: Interpersonal Leadership 

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Dr. Lindsay Hastings