Engineering for Everyone

Engineering for Everyone
Engineering for Everyone

When you drive by a building do your thoughts turn to its infrastructure? Are you interested in designing and building machines, buildings, bridges, or systems pivotal to our society like roadways? If so, then an Engineering-based Learning Community is the place for you!

Engineering for Everyone is one of three Learning Communities sponsored by the College of Engineering. This community is open to Engineering majors in every field, especially students who aren't yet sure which career path within Engineering is right for them.

As part of this community, you will have the opportunity to participate in a range of experiences, ranging from tours of engineering companies to our annual cardboard boat races (pictured here). This fierce competition pits teams of learning community students from Engineering for EveryoneEngineering RoboticsEngineering to Change the World, and Programming and Building the Future: Computer Science and Computer Engineering against one another to see whose boat constructed only of cardboard and duct tape is the most seaworthy.

Engineering for Everyone

Community Details

Open To

First-year students majoring in Engineering



ENGR 10: Freshman Engineering Seminar

MATH 106 or MATH 107: Calculus 

CHEM 109: General Chemistry I


ALEC 102: Interpersonal Skills for Leadership

MATH 106 or MATH 107Calculus 

CHEM 110: General Chemistry II

Meet the Faculty Sponsors

Curt Tomasevicz
Mike Loehring