Engineering Robotics

Engineering Robotics
Engineering Robotics
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As one of three Engineering-focused learning communities, Engineering Robotics is the LC for students interested in engineering design, maintenance, programming, or how robots have shaped (and will continue to shape) modern society!

As a member of this learning community, you will take a Freshman Engineering seminar with other Engineering LC students in Engineering for Everyone and Engineering to Change the World. You will also have the opportunity to take introductory math and chemistry courses with other LC students, depending on your program of study and incoming math placement scores. These classes count towards an engineering degree and a minor in robotics.

Outside the classroom, you will have the opportunity to explore robotics with an experienced engineering faculty member through various robotics-focused programs, demonstrations, and behind-the-scenes tours of engineering industrial partners, as well as attend the 2016 Nebraska Robotics Expo. You will also be invited to enjoy activities like “Steak & Eggs” (pictured here), an annual Engineering LC event where students enjoy dinner with faculty and the build egg-protection devices and drop them several stories off the top of a residence hall.

Engineering Robotics

Community Details

Open To

First-year students majoring in Engineering



ENGR 10: Freshman Engineering Seminar

MATH 106 or MATH 107: Calculus 

CHEM 109: General Chemistry I


ALEC 102: Interpersonal Skills for Leadership

MATH 106 or MATH 107Calculus 

CHEM 110: General Chemistry II

Meet the Faculty Sponsors

Dr. Carl Nelson
Mike Loehring