Under the Microscope

Investigating Forensic Science
Under the Microscope
Investigating Forensic Science

Are you fascinated by the science of fingerprints, blood spatter, and how bugs or other biological clues can be used in criminal investigations? Do you dream of working in criminology or being a crime scene investigator? Are you interested in giving yourself an advantage as a future law enforcement officer? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Under the Microscope is the Learning Community for you!

You will live with other community members in Abel Hall and take classes in introductory forensic science and criminal justice, as well as a forensic science seminar. You will learn about the different branches of forensic science and forensic biology, and have opportunities for field-related experiences like observing an autopsy.

Investigating a mock crime scene

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Open To

First-year students interested in forensic science and/or careers in criminal justice



FORS 120 & 120L: Intro to Forensic Science & Lab

CRIM 101Survey of Criminal Justice (if space in student's schedule)


FORS 200: Forensic Science Seminar 

CRIM 101: Survey of Criminal Justice (if not taken in the fall)

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Dr. Ashley Hall