Beyond the Practice Room: Developing Music Professionals

As a member of Beyond the Practice Room: Developing Music Professionals, you’ll instantly make friends with other students interested in music.

Your neighbors and upperclass students living near you will inspire you to practice, attend recitals, or study for that music history test!

You will be joining a community with a history of being close-knit, committed to the major, and supportive of first-year students. In addition, by living in Selleck Hall, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of in-house practice rooms, especially on chilly winter days.

This is a great community of talented students, and you'll find yourself right at home!

Community Details
Open To: First-year students interested in studying music
Location: Selleck Hall
Courses: Fall:
Music as Art, Discipline, and Profession (MUSC 160)
Keyboard Skills I (MUSC 131)
Musicianship I & Lab (MUSC 165 & 165A)
Keyboard Skills II (MUSC 132)
Musicianship II & Lab (MUSC 166 & 166A)
Meet the Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Anthony Bushard

School of Music