Discover the Classroom: A Passion for Teaching

Do you want to make a difference by sharing your love of learning? Do you want to inspire students to change the world? In Discover the Classroom, you'll meet fellow students and professors who share your passion for educating and inspiring young people.

In this community, you will enroll in an oral communications class with your peers. You will also take part in an exclusive seminar for all College of Education and Human Sciences Learning Community students, including those in Discover the Healthy Human and Discover Child, Youth & Family Studies.

You'll learn more about the classroom through special activities open only to your LC, focused on topics like alternative schools and applying teaching skills beyond the traditional classroom.

Community Details
Open To: Any first-year student interested in teaching or other careers in education
Location: Sandoz Hall
Courses: Fall: (tentative)
CEHS 10: CEHS Advantage
COMM 109: Fundamentals of Human Communication
Spring: (tentative)
CYAF 160: Human Development and the Family
Meet the Faculty Sponsors

Dr. Eric Buhs

Associate Professor, Educaitonal Psychology
College of Education & Human Sciences

Dr. Deb Mullen

Associate Dean
College of Education & Human Sciences

Eric Einspahr

Academic Adviser
College of Education & Human Sciences