Transfer Learning Community

Transfer Learning Community

Welcome to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln! We know you were successful at your previous school, but we also know that each school is different and a big part of being successful is understanding a new academic and social culture. The Transfer Learning Community at UNL is designed to give you a new home and a jump start on navigating different resources and offices on campus that will help you thrive at UNL.

As a member of the Transfer Learning Community, you will live with other transfer students in Knoll Residential Center and participate in an eight-week seminar class designed specifically for transfer students. You will learn about the many academic, social, and residential services at the University, and have the opportunity to enhance your college experience through special outside-of-class activities offered by the Transfer Peer Mentors--current students who have also transferred to UNL.

Transfer learning community

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Students who are within their first year of transferring to UNL as a full-time student; eligible students include those starting at UNL in the Spring 2017 or Fall 2017 semesters.

Deadline: May 1, 2017.

Apply to the Transfer LC on your University Housing Contract (available after you pay your University Enrollment Deposit).



CEHS 10: Transfer Advantage, section 950


CEHS 10: Transfer Advantage, section 951

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Cheryl Pflueger