Power Challenge

What is the LC Power Challenge?

The Power Challenge is a four-week competition designed to help you become a more effective, successful student and learn more about campus and community resources. The 2020 Power Challenge will begin in January with tasks for you to complete every week with your team.

2018 Study Challenge winners
The winning team from the 2018 LC Power Challenge, "Kansas" won iTunes giftcards and Roku Streaming Sticks!

How do I sign up?

You can register as part of a team composed of 3-6 members by going to the 2019-2020 Learning Communities Canvas page and completing the Power Challenge Team Registration Form. If you submit your team registration form past the deadline, 10 points will be deducted from your final score but you may still participate.

How does it work?

The Power Challenge begins at the start of January 2020 and ends in the start of February 2020. On the Monday of each week, tasks will be released for you to complete individually or with your teammates before the weekly deadline (Sunday).

The Power Challenge tasks are divided into five categories, one for each of the LC program learning outcomes:

  1. Explore areas of academic interest
  2. Engage with faculty/staff
  3. Create new social connections
  4. Identify and utilize campus resources
  5. Develop a UNL and LC community identity

In order to move on to the next week of the competition, your must either complete one task from each category (five total tasks) OR complete seven tasks total between any of the categories. Once a task is completed, submit the item for proof on Canvas by completing the quiz for that task before that week's Sunday deadline. You will receive half points if you turn in your proof past the deadline.

How is the Challenge Scored?

The Power Challenge is scored both individually and by team. Each week, the tasks turned in by Sunday will be scored and current team and individual rankings will be posted.

Team standings will be figured by averaging all team members’ scores to determine the team’s overall score. The last day to submit proof of task accomplishment will be Sunday, September 30th. Any tasks submitted after this date will not be considered.

The winning teams and individuals will be announced during the first week in October!

What are the Prizes?

Prizes will be awarded to both teams and individuals based upon the scores accumulated by the end of the challenge. For all prizes, winners will be notified via email and each winner will be responsible for picking up their own prize.

Top two teams with the highest rankings:

  • First Place: $50 Gift Card
  • Second Place: $25 Gift Card

Top ten individuals with highest points:

  • $25 Gift Card

All Participants who Complete THE Challenge:

  • Movie Tickets

Surprise Challenge GIVEAWAYS:

  • Throughout the competition, small giveaways will be awarded... keep an eye out for more details!