Upperclass Learning Community Referral


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Upperclass Learning Communities provide a way for students to with connect with peers in interdisciplinary environments through a shared living experience, a shared course, and through additional experiences outside the classroom. 

Global Experiences provides students and opportunity to live in a community with domestic and international students. While living together in Selleck, students will take a seminar with a faculty member where they will develop a plan for a future global experience.

Second-Year Edge  is designed to support students and their engagement in High-Impact Practices (HIPs) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Through this experience students will live together in Knoll Residential Center, take a multidisciplinary seminar, and work with peers to develop a personal implementation plan for how individuals will engage with HIPs.

Water for Food Global SEEDS will allow students to work side by side with peers, faculty, and global industry champions to further the cause of ensuring a water and food secure world while protecting health and the environment. Students will meet with leaders that represent the key learning community themes: Service, Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Development, and Sustainability. They will network with decision makers at all levels in the public and private sectors, from farm fields to government ministries locally and internationally.

Students will be able to sign up for Upperclass Learning Communities beginning in mid-November on their Housing Contract.

If you know a student who could benefit from these programs, please send Learning Communities their information through the referral form below. Learning Communities will then reach out to the student to share this opportunity with them.

If you have any questions about the Second-Year Edge Learning Community, please contact Learning Communities at learningcommunities@unl.edu.