Scholar Communities
Scholar Communities

Scholar Communities at Nebraska are comprised of students who share a commitment to the goals of academic excellence, leadership development, and involved citizenship. Membership in a Scholar Community is by invitation only, either through application or receipt of a specific scholarship attached to a given community. As a member of a Scholar Community, you can expect to have an amazing experience with other students who share your enthusiasm for academic achievement and your passion for personal growth. For information about application procedures or requirements of a specific Scholar Community, please follow the links below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Scholar Communities are by Invitation. What does this mean?
Depending on the community, members are invited based on a combination of academic achievement, demonstrated desire to participate in the community's goals, and/or receipt of a particular scholarship. Each community’s page provides more information regarding application and membership.
Do Scholar Communities have a living requirement?
All Scholar Communities are open to students who live on and off campus. For some Scholar Communities, if you are living on campus, you will have specific residential requirements. In other Scholar Communities, you may have an opportunity to choose to live near others in your community. And some communities do not have any residential components. Please see individual Scholar Community pages above for more info.
Can I participate in both a Scholar Community and a First-Year Learning Community?
In many cases, yes! First-Year Learning Communities have a living requirement, so check with your desired Scholar Community to see if they also have residential requirements. Although both Scholar Communities and First-Year Learning Communities regularly have course requirements, these rarely overlap. There are a few exceptions, however, so please see the individual Scholar Community pages for requirements. If you have questions about a specific Scholar Community, please contact us.