Upperclass Learning Communities

Upperclass Learning Communities

An Upperclass Learning Community is different from a First-Year Learning Community in that it builds upon your previous success in college, and helps you to apply those skills to the real world. While living together in suite-style housing, you’ll be enrolled in some courses with your peers and have additional contact with faculty and staff who are here to help you succeed.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge to different activities, and you will learn how to demonstrate your marketability to potential employers for both internships and future careers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join an Upperclass Learning Community?

  • Be part of a community with common goals and aspirations
  • Learn from programs to help you apply knowledge outside the classroom
  • Take advantage of opportunities to network with people in your field of study
  • Benefit from additional interactions with faculty and staff
  • Connect with alumni in your field

Participation in upperclass learning community activities is completely voluntary, but we're confident you'll find plenty of activities to enjoy!

What is the cost of an Upperclass Learning Community?

Students in an Upperclass Learning Community will be billed an additional $95.00 through University Housing in September. This nominal fee helps fund your community’s activities and subsidize relevant travel expenses.

Can I live with a friend who is not in a Learning Community?

Yes! Upperclass Learning Community students are housed in four-person suites. Each student who signs up for the Upperclass Learning Community has the ability to request one roommate who is not in the learning community. You will also have the option to request additional roommates participating in the same Upperclass Learning Community.

I have already taken one of the courses the Upperclass Learning Community takes together; can I still be in it?

Yes! As the Learning Communities staff work to enroll you in the classes, you will be contacted to make sure the Learning Community co-enrolled courses are appropriate for your program of study.