Water for Food Global SEEDS

Water for Food Global SEEDS Service, Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Development, Sustainability

Water for Food Global SEEDS students will work with faculty and staff from the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute to:

  • Explore how to use entrepreneurial approaches in public and private sector settings to evaluate the use of water in agriculture and its impacts, opportunities, and challenges in Nebraska, in the US, and around the world
  • Connect with a global network of leaders to understand where future water and food challenges will be, and how you can help to solve them 
  • Apply classroom learning to real-world situations in an international study abroad program through the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute e.g. studying smallholder irrigation in East Africa and the potential for poverty alleviation through social entrepreneurship 

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Open To

Any second-year student interested in working towards solutions for water and food insecurity issues



The Business and Sustainability of Water for Food
(1-credit seminar)


Global Entrepreneurship in Water for Food
(1-credit seminar)

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