Water for Food Global SEEDS

Water for Food Global SEEDS Service, Engagement, Entrepreneurship, Development, Sustainability

Water for Food Global SEEDS is a learning community hosted by the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute (DWFI). This one-credit learning community will focus on professional development in the context of entrepreneurship, agriculture, and sustainable development. SEEDS students will:

  • Develop interpersonal and professional skills necessary to work in international development settings

  • Learn to communicate professionally and cross-culturally with diverse partners in the public and private sector both domestically and internationally

  • Have the opportunity to develop academic and professional mentorship with faculty and staff of DWFI

Community Details

Open To

Any second-year student interested in working towards solutions for water and food insecurity issues



The Business and Sustainability of Water for Food
(1-credit seminar)


Global Entrepreneurship in Water for Food
(1-credit seminar)

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