First-Year Learning Communities

First-Year Learning Communities

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A First-Year Learning Community is a great way to make the most of your first year at Nebraska! In addition to living with other students who share your academic interests, you’ll be enrolled in some shared courses, have access to a knowledgeable upperclass student mentor, and work with a faculty sponsor. First-Year Learning Communities are designed to help you connect to friends with common interests early in your freshman year.

In addition to the support you’ll receive from different resources on campus, you can participate in events created specifically for your community. These activities range from networking events like dinner with the dean/director of your academic program, to social events designed to strengthen the bonds within your community, to academic and career-oriented events showing you what you can do with your degree. By sharing these important first-year experiences, you have a built-in support system to help you start college in the right way and have a great first year!

Join a Virtual Info Session

The Learning Communities team invites you to join a virtual information session to hear about the Learning Communities program at UNL! We have dozens of Learning Communities for a variety of academic majors, pre-professional paths, interests, and identities, and we are eager to help you find your fit!

Information sessions happen monthly on Tuesdays at 7:30 PM. Each session includes a brief presentation and ample time to ask questions and get answers from a Learning Communities staff member. If you're unable to attend one of these sessions, please reach out to schedule an individual appointment.

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