Learning Community event
What to Expect


As a member of a Learning Community (LC), you’ll be living on a designated floor(s) with other students who share your academic interests, including your roommate. Beginning in May, you will be able to find potential LC roommates via the Housing Roommate Finder in your MyRed account. Be sure to select your LC roommate before Roommate Finder closes.

The next step will come in early June of 2023, when you will be able to start self-assigning (picking) your room on your LC’s floor. You will receive an email with specific dates and times for this process.


As part of your Learning Community, you’ll be co-enrolled in several classes with your fellow LC students. These classes may serve as an introduction to your major, fulfill ACE (general education) requirements, or even include a seminar unique to your LC. You’ll work with LC staff and your advisor to sign up for these classes during New Student Enrollment (NSE) in May, June, or July. More information about NSE is available at nse.unl.edu.


Most importantly, through your Learning Community, you’ll have the chance to connect with other students who share your interests. Each LC also has a faculty or staff sponsor – someone from your chosen college or department who will create experiences for you throughout the year, offer support or assist in advising you, or teach one of your courses with the LC. Additionally, you’ll have access to LC peer mentors – upper-division students who have stood in your shoes and can offer guidance on navigating your first year. These peer mentors will often share your major, and will host weekly Floor Hours in your residence hall where you can seek help or just hang out with someone who shares your interests. Mentors will also plan programs exclusive to your LC, providing the chance to make new friends and build on what you’re learning in the classroom.