Participation Race

learning community participation collage of students
Learning Community Participation Race

Each semester, Learning Communities hosts the Participation Race, a competition where students can earn points and win awesome prizes for being involved in their community. The best part about the Participation Race is that by joining a Learning Community, you're already in the race! The only thing you need to do is participate. Just by engaging you are earning points for yourself AND for your community so you can get closer to the top spot!

How Do You Earn Points?

By participating in almost anything related to your Learning Community!

  • Attending events (10 points) or floor hours (2 points) hosted by your Peer Mentor or Faculty/Staff Sponsor
  • Meeting with your Peer Mentor 1-on-1 (5 points)
  • Joining monthly events hosted by the Learning Communities staff (10 points)
  • Stopping by a Learning Communities staff member's office (10 points)

How Long Does the Race Last?

The Participation Race runs through the semester and takes place in both fall and spring. The points reset for spring semester, so if you didn't win in the fall, you've still got a chance to win in the spring!

Community Points vs. Individual Points

When earning points, students earn points for their entire community and for themselves. The Learning Communities staff tracks all participation as percentages based on what events and Floor Hours the various communities hold. 

For example, if there are 10 events throughout the semester, and a student attends all 10, that student would be at 100% for the Participation Race! Similarly, if ALL students in the Learning Community attend ALL events throughout the semester, the entire community would be at 100% for the Participation Race. 

So, it is very important to attend as much as you can to earn as many points as possible!

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