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Experience the Lab Forensic Science, Microbiology, & Biochemistry

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Are you interested in becoming a forensic scientist? Maybe a crime scene investigator? Perhaps working in a lab to create various pharmaceuticals or new biofuels? If you're thinking "yes," then Experience the Lab: Forensic Science, Microbiology & Biochemistry is the perfect Learning Community for you!

This community is designed to support students from any major who are interested in the molecular life sciences, such as microbiology, biochemistry, and forensic science – just to name a few! By joining, you'll be provided opportunities to connect with faculty, staff, and other students with similar interests to build a great support system for you. You'll also be able to gain insight into potential careers related to your passion and interests in the molecular sciences.

The community lives in Abel Hall to allow that support system to be built into your "home away from home," and you'll take introductory science courses together to ensure you always have someone to study with and learn alongside. Outside the classroom and your residence hall, you'll participate in a wide variety of events to showcase different fields and meet professionals. These events could include, visits to local companies, join in hands-on lab training, participate in a research symposium with other undergraduate researchers, graduate students, and faculty, and enjoy other social activities.

Visit the Department of Forensic Science, Department of Microbiology, and Department of Biochemistry to learn all about the available programs and opportunities. 

UNL students in a forensics lab

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Open To

Any first-year student who is interested in forensic science and/or molecular life sciences.



BIOC 101: Foundational Concepts & Career Opportunities in Biochemistry OR MBIO 101: Introduction to the Microbiology Major OR FORS 120: Introduction to Forensic Science

CHEM 109A/109L: General Chemistry I OR LIFE 120/120L: Fundamentals of Biology


CHEM 109A/109L: General Chemistry I OR LIFE 120/120L: Fundamentals of Biology

CHEM 110A/110L: General Chemistry II (based on successful completion of CHEM 109A/109L)

Meet the Faculty/Staff Sponsors

Erin Sayer
Brandi Sigmon
Taylor Bockman