First-Gen Learning Community

First-Gen Learning Community

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Are you a First-Generation student?

A first-generation student is a student whose parents or guardians did not earn a 4-year degree. The First-Gen Learning Community is here to help you navigate the college experience, provide a network of peers, and set you on the path to success!

As part of this program, students will participate in the First-Husker program at Nebraska, immersing themselves in a 4-day event that gives them foundational knowledge to be successful at Nebraska. Additionally, students will live together in Abel Hall and take a seminar course led by Academic Success Coaches from the Center for Academic Success and Transition. These experiences are in addition to the multiple events that will also be provided for LC students throughout the year by their peer mentor and faculty sponsor. 

The First-Generation LC differs from other LCs and does not have a $95 fee. Early move-in, First Husker, and the LC experience are included in membership for this LC.

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First-Generation students looking to connect with other First-Gen peers and be supported by staff and mentors on campus.



UGEP 100: POWER Seminar


First-Gen LC students can fill their spring schedule as bet fits their degree plans.

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