Beyond the Practice Room

Beyond the Practice Room Developing Music Professionals

Apply by May 1

By joining Beyond the Practice Room: Developing Music Professionals, you'll be participating in a community of talented students who are interested in a variety of music and want to learn more and expand on their interest! 

Your neighbors and upper-division students living near you will inspire you to practice, attend recitals, or study for that music history test!

You will be joining a community with a history of being close-knit, committed to the major, and supportive of first-year students. In addition, by living in Abel Hall, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of the LC Study Lounge on the first floor.

This is a great community of talented students, and you'll find yourself right at home!

Music Learning Community

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Open To

First-year students interested in studying music



MUSC 160: Music as Art, Discipline, and Profession

MUSC 165 & 165A: Musicianship I & Lab


PHIL 106: Philosophy and Current Issues

MUSC 166 & 166A: Musicianship II & Lab

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